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IL-2 Sturmovik is one the best simulation games to date. In this game you fly 31 types of Russian, German and American planes. See them in different camouflage and paint schemes for different times of the year (at least summer and winter). You can fly pilot or rear gunner (IL-2 plane types only). Choose between realistic and simple flight models with many adjustments to various realism settings. Engage in air-to-air and air-to-ground battles. Destroy any ground object, such as buildings, bridges, airfields, etc. You can play different types of single missions or play campaign missions and track your career (with ranks and awards). There are two different multiplayer modes: dog-fighting or cooperative missions across a LAN or the Internet with dedicated servers for online play. Multiplay: with up to 32 players in dogfight and 16 players in cooperative missions. Use custom paint schemes, squadron nose art, numbering on wings, and national markings for each single plane. Record a flight track of any of your flights and edit these tracks. Then play and enjoy or send this track file to others. Build new missions and scenarios with an easy to use mission builder. Use missions for single or multiplayer sessions. It has exceptionally high quality aircraft and ground unit graphics. It also has realistic 3D world environment, including terrain, sky, unique clouds and weather conditions. Also see realistic smoke, explosions, fire and other special effects. It is destined to be a classic. This is one of those simulations that reminds you why you love the genre.

The playable demo of the game has a lot to offer. You can fly three aircraft (the IL-2M2, Bf-109G-2 and P-39N-1) in a single-player mission as well as a multiplayer map. It also includes a quick mission builder.

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Software Facts
 Platform : Windows 98/Me/2000
 Status : Shareware
 Author :
 Size : 102.03 MB
 Downloads : 12960 times
 Last Updated : January 2nd, 2002

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