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Enemy Engaged : RAH-66 Comanche vs KA-52 Hokum Download Now
The makers of Enemy Engaged : Apache Havoc, arguably the best helicopter simulation of 1998/99, bring you Enemy Engaged RAH-66 versus KA-52 Hokum.
Here's is your chance to fly two of the world's deadliest, "next generation" attack helicopters. In Western hangars sits the US Army's futuristic RAH-66 signature 1/600th that of a Hellfire missile. While on Eastern airstrips lurks the Comanche's Russian-built counterpart, the twin-rotored death-deliverer known as the KA-52 Hokum-B. Both can deliver several varieties of death at the touch of a button.
Featuring state-of-the-art 3D graphics (both DirectX 7 and hardware acceleration are supported), Comanche Hokum puts you right into the heart of the modern digital battlefield.

Three challenging war zones (Taiwan, Lebanon, Yemen) have been closely modelled to test your skills to the limit, each one featuring a variety of offensive and defensive missions over simulated landscapes as big as 400 km to 200 km. Fly low across the grasslands of Asia on search and rescue missions, attack armoured convoys by night, or escort a flight or transports on daring troop insertion sorties in the desert.
Comanche Hokum is a case of bigger, better, more. A bigger range of missions and target types, better enemy and wingman AI, plus more detail, camera views and accessibility.
Using a vasily improved 3D engine (there are no fixed cockpits, only virtual ones), similar avionics and familiar, dynamic gameplay.

Comanche Hokum boasts improved stereo music, digitised speech and sound effects, while its accurately modelled technology is only rivalled by the detail lavished on its animated crew-members, which even have face textures that you can replace (like skins in Quake). Playable either as a full-blown simulation or, at its simplest, a computer aided arcade-style shooter. Comanche Hokum also features full multiplayer functionality over serial cable, modem, LAN and internet connections. And, if players have Apache Havoc installed on their computers, the two games can be linked together, thereby allowing the AH-84D Apache and the Mil-28-N Havoc B to be flown either alongside or against the game's two new helicopters. This also adds a further 3 war zones to the series.
The best helicopter sim in the world, just got better.

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Software Facts
 Platform : Windows 95/98
 Status : Shareware
 Author :
 Size : 80.07 MB
 Downloads : 21475 times
 Last Updated : August 20th, 2001

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