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The year is 2032, the world is at peace for the first time - until the bombings started. Now the people of this new age must relearn war to secure a future of peace.

Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising combines powerful real-time strategy with action elements in which players take command of a super-powerful aircraft carrier/manufacturing platform. Players create military units with their carrier and command their army against the forces of the Old World Cabal. Players make decisions from within the carrier in the manner of a traditional real-time strategy game, then, enter their units for some third-person mayhem.

Features :
  • 21 missions with 20+ different enemy units to fight and fly, including both human and 'alien' technology.
  • Real physics modeling.
  • Dozens of enemy ground, air, and alien production facilities, including command centers, radar outposts, energy storage and production facilities.
  • Unique control and command interface, including a real-time 3D map that enables the player to manage and monitor up to 15 units at any one time.
  • Picture-in-picture helps the player monitor vehicles tasks and progress.
  • Control units in 3rd person action modes as well as traditional top-down real-time strategy mode.
  • Features the voices of Tom Baker ("Dr. Who"), Paul Darrow and Glynis Barber ("Blake's 7").
  • Unique Voice-Com system that allows players to follow the action through the communications of friendly and enemy units gives a multiplayer feel even in single player mode.
System Requirements

Estimated Minimum Specs :
  • P266
  • 48MB Ram
  • 16 bit Sound Card
  • D3D compliant 3D accelerator card (with some exceptions)
Estimated Recommended Specs :
  • P2 350 and higher
  • 64MB Ram
  • 3D Sound Card
  • Voodoo 2, TNT, or similar 3D accelerator card capable of resolutions of 800x600 and higher. Estimated Optimum Specs :
  • P3 450 or AMD Athlon
  • 128MB Ram
  • 3D Sound Card and four-point speaker system Geforce, or similar 3D accelerator card capable of resolutions of 1024-x768 and higher.

  • Screenshot 1 :

    Screenshot 2 :

    Software Facts
     Platform : Windows 95/98/Me
     Status : Shareware
     Author :
     Size : 111.33 MB
     Downloads : 4327 times
     Last Updated : July 3rd, 2001

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