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NO$GMB v2.5 (DOS version) Download Now
No$gmb is a emulator for gameboy, pocket gameboy, super gameboy, and color gameboy, allowing you to play any gameboy game on your PC, provided that you own a romimage of that game (a copy of the program in the real cartridge). Note that these games are usually copyrighted, except for a few freeware ones.

Beside for the ability to play games it does also include a debugger with graphics user interface, conditional breakpoints, symbolic debug information, VRAM viewer, optional warning messages, online assembler, and various other useful things, making it a powerful development tool that is used by several professional game developers.

Further features are emulation of two player link (on the same computer), screenshots, real CGB-colors, gamegenie and gameshark cheats, joysticks, snespads, digital sound, a color scheme editor to colorize monochrome games, etc. etc.

The program is entirely written in assembler language, which makes it fast enough to run on older computers, for monochrome games a 386 with at least 33Mhz should be suggested, and for color games a 486 with something like 66Mhz.

Software Facts
 Platform : DOS
 Status : Shareware
 Author :
 Size : 140 KB
 Downloads : 11467 times
 Last Updated : January 13th, 2001

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