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Callus is a DOS/DirectX based emulator for the Capcom System 1 hardware. It currently runs many of the Capcom's great arcade games such as : Final Fight (US and Jap), Street Fighter II (US and Jap), Captain Commando (US and Jap), Willow (US and Jap), Knights of the Round (US and Jap), Megatwins (US) and Chiki Chiki Boys (Jap), Punisher (US and Jap), Capcom World 2 (Jap), Ghouls 'n Ghosts (US) and Daimakaimura (Jap), and many more. The graphics renderer, palette mapper, digital YM2151 emulation, QSound mixer and ADPCM mixer were written from *scratch* in assembly. The 68k and Z80 are also in asm. The rest is in C++. This is a freeware and it *MUST NOT* be distributed with arcade ROMs and it cannot be modified or sold.

Software Facts
 Platform : DOS
 Status : Freeware
 Author :
 Size : 324 KB
 Downloads : 11043 times
 Last Updated : January 1st, 2000

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