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Best Download : NES Emulators : fwNES v0.302

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fwNES supports more mappers than any other emulator out there. Support for mappers 0-5, 7-11, 15-19, 21-26, 32-34, 48, 64-97, 100, 112-119, 122, 225-228 and more added with each release. Also emulates the Japanese Famicom Disk System addon. It's sound support is very good, supporting sound channels 1-5 (even the DPCM channe!) and the extra FDS sound channels for Adlib, SB, and other soundcards. Pentium class CPUs should be able to achieve full speed. It's worth a download for those who want an emulator with support for as many games as possible.

Software Facts
 Platform : DOS
 Status : Freeware
 Author :
 Size : 866 KB
 Downloads : 21699 times
 Last Updated : January 1st, 2000

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