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Alpha Centauri is a turn-based empire-building strategy game in the grand tradition of Sid Meier's best-known work, Civilization. But Alpha Centauri deviates from that classic: its setting is a distant planet. Alpha Centauri deviates from the Civ format in many ways. Instead of different societies with similar characteristics, each Alpha Centauri faction has distinct strengths and weaknesses. You have more control over governance and will make economic, social, and ethical decisions. Victory can come through brute force or peaceful negotiations. And you will encounter an alien ecology that doesn't necessarily take kindly to your efforts to terraform it. Although it may feel a lot like Civ II on the surface, Alpha Centauri is a much more refined game. As has been the case more often than not, Sid Meier's name in the title signifies quality. With its top-notch diplomacy, civilization building, and wargame elements, Alpha Centauri is the new pinnacle of turn-based strategy game. This demo allows you to play a 100-turn single-player game and includes a useful tutorial to help you on your way.

Software Facts
 Platform : Windows 95/98
 Status : Shareware
 Author :
 Size : 49 MB
 Downloads : 11064 times
 Last Updated : January 1st, 2000

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