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Take up your sword and bow and rejoin Garrett in the Metal Age in what Looking Glass calls a "first-person sneaker." Use potions, flash bombs, mines, and different types of arrows to sneak past your enemies and grab the loot. Thief II is even better than it's predecessor, Thief I : The Dark Project. The mission design is more consistent, and some of the missions are among the best in any action game to date. NOTE: This is an early alpha version of the demo, so system requirements have not been described in the demo's documentation. It's strongly suggested that you have at least 64 MB of RAM, a DirectX compatible soundcard, and one of the following types of video cards.

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Software Facts
 Platform : Windows 95/98
 Status : Shareware
 Author :
 Size : 130.54 MB
 Downloads : 6556 times
 Last Updated : January 1st, 2000

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