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Open Cubic Player (ocp) is a DOS/Windows 9x/ME based music player which plays a variety of sound formats on several sound cards. Currently supports sound formats 669, AMS, BPA, CDA, DMF, IT, MDL, MID, MOD, MP3 (MPEG audio format level 1-3), MTM, MXM, OKT, PLS, PTM, S3M, SID, UMX, ULT, WAV, WOW and XM. Compatible with Gravis (Gravis Ultrasound Classic, Daughterboard, MAX, PnP), Sound Blaster (1.0, 2.0, Pro, 16, 32, AWE32, AWE64), WSS compatible cards, Pro Audio Spectrum series, ESS AudioDrive 688 / 1688, Disk Writer (writes .WAV output on disk), Quiet Player, and Terratec EWS.

Software Facts
 Platform : DOS / Windows 95/98/Me
 Status : Freeware
 Author :
 Size : 864 KB
 Downloads : 7814 times
 Last Updated : January 7th, 2002

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